View Full Version : Urban Raptor Pics

01-03-2011, 02:45 PM
Noticed this little guy as I passed a tiny field in the middle of an apartment complex yesterday. Went back today with the camera. Amazingly enough he manages to eek out a living there despite the fact that I see coops around constantly (there was a female coops in a tree on the edge of this same field early this morning). In the half hour or so that I watched him, he managed to catch a mouse and several bugs. He's also absolutely unconcerned with human activity. There is a VERY busy road on one edge of the field and I watched several people walk right under him. So I got out and walked right up to the pole and took the pictures from about 15' away.

Also spotted the local hag RS on the way home and it was the same story. I walked right up under the bird and it was completely unconcerned.

As an aside, I do not have a fancy camera by any means. These were taken with a Digital Rebel using a Canon 75-300mm lens. I could have made these birds look like super stars with some real equipment! :D