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Chris L.
05-07-2011, 11:19 AM
I have produced a few harris hawks this year. I have one that is not spoken for. He/she is hatching now and is available. I will not know the sex until I send the egg off.

I have flown both the parents myself and have taken many head of game with them. The offspring from these two have all been great game hawks and have taken ducks, geese, rabbit and pheasants.

So far all of the offspring I have porduced have been dead silent. If you have ever heard a screaming harris hawk you will pay for the breeder to take it back ;).

I will raise the bird to past 16 weeks, Usually 18 with some live bags thrown in here and there.

Plenty of references available.

I am asking 475.00. I will not ship the bird as I have to drive 3 hours to the closest airport. If you are driving far you can stay at my house for the night and I will feed you a nice steak dinner :D, you cant beat that!!!

If you are interested email me (admin@nafex.net) or PM me.

Here is a pic of the first egg that hatched this year on day 3

Chris L.
06-07-2011, 06:32 PM
All birds have been placed, Thank you to all who inquired. I will do another limited hatch next year.

Happy hawking!