View Full Version : Missouri Falconers Association eyass picnic and raffle

Dennis Samnee
07-10-2011, 02:52 PM
Hi all,
I would like to personally invite everyone to the eyass picnic ,bar-b-que and raffle on Sept 17th at BeeTree park in St Louis County.It will be a great time!
I know there are a lot of great craftsman on this list.If any of you would like to donate a item it will greatly be appreciated!So far we have some great items.I was hoping to make this the best picnic we ever had!With the economy the way it is,it is hard to get donations.We will post your name and ,business on our website and in our journal and stress to our members to buy from our donors if at all possible.
With that said we all hope to see you come from other states as well. We would really like to meet some other NAFEX members we have been talking to long distance.
Take care all and happy hawking with your new charge.
Dennis Samnee
President MFA