View Full Version : Excellent falconry books for sale, from/in Europe

08-30-2011, 11:27 AM
i am reposting my offer for falconry books as i did offer some here a while back but at that time i only sold one or so.

As i am located in Europe, this might not be interested for some US falconers on here. Or it will. As i have for sale some of the really greatest and most excellent falconry books. Being the following:
- A merlin for me
- The compleat falconer, by beebe
- A manual for hawking, o broin (great book on accipiters)
- Falconry as a sport - Our arab heritage
- North American falconry and hunting hawks
- Gamehawk- field and moor (Turner and Haslen)
- Desert Hawking II - Harry mc elroy

i am only waiting for serious offers or enquiries of course. Especially the last 3 books are really very worthwhile to have and read, and the gamehawk-field and moor is just not to be found anywhere else mostly. All of the books are in nearly new/very good conditions! You can respond through email, the adress being valkenier_nl@hotmail.com email account