View Full Version : Giant Hood (Transport Box)

09-15-2011, 12:30 PM
We have been looking into equipment because I'm new and have almost nothing to work with at this time. While looking at transport boxes we thought we could make a better box than corroplast but still affordable.
We came up with a box made from PVC and Aluminum. The top, back, door, & bottom are all 3/4" solid PVC. The sides are aluminum with a PVC core to insulate the box from the heat and cold. This box is easy to clean super strong and really light (about 25lbs). There is NO hardware inside the box at all and has a 3/4" wood perch wrapped in 1/4 rope.
I am in need of everything so contact me with a trade. I'm needing to buy material for a mew so I can get me a bird this trapping season. This box is valued at $185.00 including shipping to the lower 48 states. Thanks!!

email me at blakessigns@yahoo.com


09-26-2011, 10:51 AM
I've been asked a few questions:

This box will have a handle.

You can change the lettering on the side.

I can mount the perch where you would like it.

The box is 24in x 24in and 12in wide.

Any Ideas to make these boxes better please let me know. Like I said we're just looking to trade a few boxes to support our Hobby. Thanks