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12-16-2007, 12:59 PM
You might wonder what SC falconry & camera bugs have in common, read on.

I’ve managed to sell a few pictures and so I felt compelled to do some research on potential legal issues and the possible need for model & property release forms.

A friend sent this link: http://www.photoattorney.com/ (http://www.photoattorney.com/) it’s a MUST READ for anyone who takes pictures and thinks there are not any legal obligations for casual use. At first it seems like it might not be applicable to those not selling pictures but if you delve further, you’ll find otherwise. I link what really caught my eye is a case pending here in South Carolina. The College of Charleston is suing a photographer for the following picture listed in his catalog: http://www.martingallerycharleston.com/catalog_5588.html (http://www.martingallerycharleston.com/catalog_5588.html) I looked at the shot and I don't know how anyone would even know where it came from. That’s just one incident.

The bigger issue is that one needs permits to take pictures on federal property (i.e. national parks) that might have a “market audience”. Market audience, that's everyone . The regulations were put into effect because the government seemed to think they have a right to a slice of the pie that anyone made through a snapshot or filming on federal property. Someone is really not seeing the big picture, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m thinking there are way too many attorneys looking for something to do and it's creating a nightmare for everyone.

Now I know your wondering where SC falconers get tied in. South Carolina is reworking their falconry regulations and I’ve received a little grief recently from those that think I’m being too nit picky on the wordsmithing. Folks, the above is proof that vague regulations often have far reaching ramifications that weren’t intended. Sometimes you have to speak up even when it’s not convenient. If you’re a SC falconer and you haven’t seen or commented on the proposed changes, you need to contact SCFA to get the latest viewpoints. The new regulations take effect in January THATS 2 WEEKS!!!

Chris L.
12-18-2007, 11:23 PM
great post. I agree. If you are a Sc falconer you need to look at the new regs and comment. If it doesnt happen the new regs are what we are stuck with.. Now is our chance to make a difference.