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03-23-2012, 09:23 AM
I am looking for an artist to do a painting for me that will be used for the cover of the upcoming anthology on the passage Cooper's hawk that I am putting together. Below is an old photograph of a passage Cooper's I flew, taken by Harry McElroy back in the day. I think Harry captured the essence of that hawk, and Cooper's in general. So, I would like someone who has the talent and ability to reproduce this hawk in an expressionistic, somewhat abstract, painting, similar to the raptor paintings done by MaryJo Ardsma, if you are familiar with her. It would require a sketch first so that we are both on the same sheet of music, as I have my own mental vision of how I want this piece to look. If interested please contact me at falconer@cox.net Thanks. Here is the photograph:


Bill Boni