View Full Version : 3yom German wirehair for sale

04-26-2012, 12:51 PM
Hi I have a 3 yom GWP for sale, out of treborwolf lines on both sides he is papered. I am forced to sell him due to the fact I work long hours and my wife's schedule change recently makes him sit at home for very long hours alone which is not good a dog that has so much energy.
I have been working with him and my Harris hawks, I still don't fully trust him off a leash witht them, but I am not a very good dog trainer so I'm sure there are people that can do a much better job then I. He will not mess with them in the yard, I have flown them where I know there are no rabbits he follows them and leaves them alone, but when they grab a jack and it's screaming is when I can not trust him to not grab one of them
As far as gun hunting goes he is great not gun shy, good nose. Could use some work on being steady on the flush. Good retriever. I have fun with him and I was always am happy gun hunting with him.
If you are interested or have questions let me know 702-606-9762
I don't have a computer at this moment and I don't know how to post pics from my phone but can text or email them
I'm asking 275 includes a cabelas field dog ecollar, walking harness and a large indoor wire crate if you want all of it as I won't have any use for it when he is gone.