View Full Version : wanted pure imprint tiercel Fin gos

Dennis Samnee
05-26-2012, 04:40 PM
Hi all,
I have a pure imprint female Finnish gos that came from Lance and Vic.
She has laid eggs the last two yrs.I did not get semen the first yr and I got semen shipped in this yr but it looks like it will be unsuccessfull as gos semen does not ship well.
I have success with artificial insemenation.
I am looking for a pure Fin tiercel from Lance or Vics project.As money is tight I would be willing to trade a female for a male from future progeny or future progeny from one of my falcon prs.
I should make seven eighths Gyr/Peregrines next yr.I should also make some Barbary/Prairies .I also have Columbarius merlins I am trying to breed,but can't say I will be successfull with them or not.
thanks for your consideration
Dennis Samnee
President of Missouri Falconers Ass
Raptor breeder