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06-14-2012, 08:43 PM
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Dear NAFA Great Lakes Members,
Please find the following information about a possible lost falconry bird reported in Illinois. If anyone has any information please contact the Illinois Falconers Organization at info@illinoisfalconers.org (info@illinoisfalconers.org) or the number below.
Kind Regards
Dianne Moller
NAFA Great Lakes Regional Director

On Saturday 6-9, about 7:00 PM, I was fishing at a friend's pond at Rt 20 and Harmony Rd in McHenry County and heard Starlings or Grackles raising a loud ruckus in the tree line behind me. 5 minutes later about 20 of 'em flew from my left, mobbing what I thought was a Redtail as it flashed by and into a large willow. 2 minutes later, it flew out, directly at me, about 3 feet over my head. At that time I could see the black head, white upper chest and smaller striped/barred body & undersides of the wings and knew it wasn't a Redtail. Although I am better at ID'ing fish than Raptors, my first thought was Peregrine. As it circled the pond and flew straight across my vision, I could see Jesses on it's legs. They chased it to a grove of Oaks about 1/4 mile away and I lost it. I lived a mile away for 7 years and have been fishing the pond for 12 years and have never seen any Falconers in the area. Obviously, I don't know if an owner was nearby or if it was really far from home. I could see that it was getting tired from the chase tho. If it is "lost", hopefully your groups heard something and can help get it home............murph810.
Bruce Williams

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