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Matt VonDerau
06-25-2012, 09:26 PM
I started making these about a year ago. I was tired of seeing perches similar to these going for $250 and not looking like the best construction. I decided to do something about it, and make an affordable perch that would work for years and be safe for birds perching on it. Being who I am, these are over-engineered and have been thoroughly tested. My sponsor exclusively uses this style now and a few other Falconers in WA and a few other states are using them with great success.

The basic principle is the tear drop shape, and I found wrapping it tightly with 1/2" or 3/8" rope (I do not wrap perches, I hate it, sorry haha) basically prevents the leash from getting tangled over the top. The perch itself rotates on a machined piece of solid stainless steel that sits inside of a housing with oil impregnated bronze bushings. This combination almost guarantees that the rotating assembly will not rust or seize up.The assembly rotates so smoothly that the lightest effort allows the perch to rotate. This translates into the leash being able to move freely and if a bird bates over the top of the perch the momentum will swing the perch.

The perch itself is made out of 1/2" cold rolled steel bar, bent into a solid, seamless shape. The inside bars are 3/8" cold rolled bar stock. The rings will be solid, seamless bronze. They come with a tri spike base at the moment, but the stainless steel spindle assembly is threaded for a 5/8x11 bolt thread and allows for easy removal of the spike base and you can add a heavy plate base later. I currently do not sell the plate bases as I have not found a cost effect way of doing so. Ally had a setup made for her in Montana to allow for a inside base.

Forgive me for these terrible pictures, I personally do not have my own perch, I sold them all to people wanting them and I free loft my Harris during the hunting season and moult anyways crazyy

Solid bent cold rolled:
Base taken off:
One of the prototypes with my harris Roan on it.
Ally's Redtail on her perch:

These were all MIG welded, but the next ones will be TIG welded for a better looking weld. If anyone wants to know, I am a certified welder.

Ill sell these at:
$200+shipping for 1
$175+shipping for 2
Or if you get a group buy of local folks that want one, $150+shipping for 3+

Thanks for looking,
Matt Von Derau

Matt VonDerau
07-02-2012, 01:05 AM
Bump? Am I allowed to bump this? I should have 4 of these built and ready in the next week!

Matt VonDerau
07-10-2012, 12:58 AM
Id like to thank those that recently bought three of these!