View Full Version : hoods for sale

Keith Denman
07-01-2012, 03:26 PM
I have 14 hoods available for sale.

1. Desert Hurr blocked on a size 21 chinook block Diamondback snake inlay
on the tail piece hidden cross stitch $70.00
2. Slip On blocked on a size 19 chinook block green with a tube tail piece
external cross stitch $60.00
3. Slip On blocked on a size 23 chinook block tri-colored and tooled red,
orange and black trim with external cross stitch $80.00
4. Tear drop accordian hood made in August 2001 black roo approx. size
is 13 chinook block hidden stitched with stitch neck pipping $45.00
5. This is my Frier Tuck hood design blocked size 23 it is dyed yellow and
brown, external cross stitch $80.00
6. Slip On blocked on 23 chinook block dyed Cordova streaked with a Irish
stamp and Diamondback tail inlay $80.00
7. Dutch hood blocked on a size 15 chinook block with green eye panels
and center piece is Indigo snake and external cross stitched $75.00
8. Dutch hood blocked on a size 15 chinook block with serpent head and
orange trim and external cross stitched $90.00
9. Dutch hood blocked on the size 18 chinook with white eye panel inserts
external straight stitch and metal bead cap $60.00
10.Dutch hood blocked on size 8 chinook block dyed dark brown and made
with hidden double stitch $55.00
11.Anglo Indian hood blocked on a size 8 chinook block natural leather
with external cross stitch $40.00
12.Dutch hood blocked size 8 chinook block dyed dark brown with a top
knot and external straight stitch $55.00
13.Dutch hood blocked on size 5 chinook block dyed purple with serpent
head eye panels and 3 buttons external cross stitched $65.00
14.Dutch hood blocked size 4 brown roo with Diamondback snake eye
panels and neck pipping with external cross stitched $65.00b