View Full Version : Barter, Fly Fishing Rods, Reels, Vest and Tackle for falconry equipment

07-11-2012, 08:01 PM
The following items are up for barter (or sale) for falconry equipment. I am looking specifically for falcon block perches, spikes, hoods and 216 mhz transmitters. If you have anything else falconry related you would like to barter with me for, don't hesitate to give me a shout! YOU CANNOT REPLY TO A BARTER POST! YOU MUST PM OR EMAIL ME!

I have included the price that I would like for the purchase of the items. If you have equipment for trade, please let me know! I can email or text photos of all the fishing equipment

1) Used St Croix Legend Series LF907 2 piece fly rod with cork grip, 7 weight line. This rod is in very good condition! This is the original Legend Series from St. Croix Rods. The blanks are a beautiful Black with gorgeous Maroon and Silver thread wraps! The rod blank, cork, guides and seat are in perfect condition

This rod is the 9 Foot, 7 Weight St. Croix Legend Fly Rod along with a St. Croix Rods Aluminum Rod Tube and the original cloth rod sock. This is a 2 Piece fly rod. This 9 Foot, 7 Weight is a very nice all around fly rod that can be used for multiple applications. This rod would be very good as a Bass rod, a streamer rod for large Trout or Steelhead rod. $100.00 firm.

2) Two identical used Martin MG-72 fly reels. One extra spool included with one of the two reels.

The Martin MG-72 is a classic fly reel with drag on/off switch and big burly drag knob. Perfect for making fine adjustments on a running steelhead. The reel is a multiplier with a 3:1 ratio. This has saved me many times while fishing steelhead on the PM and Muskegon rivers.

The Martin 72 or ventilated-back, machined-reel-foot MG 72 is a multiplier with the heavy duty disc drag. This reel has the gearing and handle drive on a removable plate, the gearing meshing with a drive gear on the spool in what would ordinarily be the latch position on a 1/1 reel. The backplate side of these multipliers, as it would on a 1/1, has the drag mechanism. In the MG-72, the drag mechanism is a "floating disc" system, with domed adjuster knob on the back plate, concentric with the spindle. The spool on that side has a matching component that includes the reversible "clutch" for RHW or LHW. This reel is much loved by steelheaders and others who wanted a heavy duty knockabout. The USA-made multiplier, disc-drag MG-72.

I used one on my St Croix 7 weight for steelhead and one on my Redington 9 weight for salmon.

$45.00 for the reel with extra spool, $35.00 for just the reel or $75.00 for both.

3) Used Scott SAS 905 fly rod. 9' 0: 5 weight, 3.5 oz #129008 flyrod with aluminum case. This is Scotts "ALPHA SERIES ROD" retailing new for $390. I broke tip off this rod, sent it back to Scott and they placed a new tip on the top half. I used this rod for another 3 years before retiring from river fishing. You can have this rod and start casting to rising trout this weekend for $250!


4) Used Scientific Angler System 2, 45L Fly Reel. Good condition, used in the Muskegon tailwaters for trout fishing. This reel was mounted on my Scott SAS 905 and caught many, many trout. Perfect balance together. $90.00 firm.

Details: http://buy.scientificanglers.com/system-2l-reel-45l.html

5) Columbia 3L, XL fishing vest, LOADED! This vest has it all! Salmon, Steelhead and trout flies, line, shot, yarn, hooks and tackle. Even has a clip on mini planer board for sneaking a wee-wart or hot-n-tot across the river into a hole. Heck, have a box with those in it too! Many purchased flies, but also many hand tied with my personal patterns for fishing the trout in the Muskegon River tailwaters below Croton Dam. Ask for photos. Easily $300 in gear in this vest. Vest included! $150 firm.

6) Empty Redington Small Womens/Kids fly fishing vest. $15.00