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08-31-2012, 02:13 AM
2012 Florida Falconers’ Association Apprentice/Equipment Workshop

Website link here. (http://floridafalconry.com/?page_id=57)

Our 2012 Falconry Equipment & Apprentice Workshop is scheduled for Saturday Sept 15, 2012 in Davenport, FL

Any and all are welcome, members, non-members, falconers and falconry curious people. If you are new to falconry or just curious about the sport I highly encourage you to attend this event.

Whether you are a new falconer or someone that’s been in the sport for decades this is a great event to share ideas and methods for making equipment and improving our sport.

This is also the first day of trapping season so you can tune up your traps and catch a bird on the way home.

If you have a bird that needs new jesses or a telemetry harness installed we can assist with that as well. Birds are welcome.

We have a large air conditioned meeting room at Jarrett Gordon Ford in Davenport, FL

A few topics will include:

Making Traps, including using wire leader nooses for BC’s
Jess making
Leash braiding
Hood making

And there will be a wide variety of traps, perches and falconry equipment on hand for display.

Traps (BC’s, Dho-Gazza’s, Bow Nets, Cannon Net, Pigeon Harness, Hoop traps)
Transport Boxes

Please join us for this informative event. And if there is something specific you would like to see please contact Eric Edwards at ericedw1@gmail.com and we’ll try to accomodate.

This event will be held Saturday, Sept 15th starting at 11am

The location is Jarrett Gordon Ford in Davenport, FL (2600 Access Rd NW, Davenport, FL 33897)

Located at the intersection of I-4 and Hwy 27 just west of Orlando. The dealership is hard to miss but it is located on the North side of I-4, you’ll turn by the McDonalds and follow the acces road.

When you pull into the dealership you’ll take a right and park on the North side of the building. The meeting room is upstairs and there is an entrance that will be clearly marked.


I'll be attending- and it'll be my first time meeting falconers and getting real exposure to falconry. Anyone else going?