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Flatwater Falconer
01-20-2013, 04:26 PM
The North American Falconers Supply Catalogue Sixth Edition
in print now.
Price is $5 per copy which includes postage in America. Canada or Mexico $6 (due to much higher postage costs).

"The Directory for All of Life's Little Falconry Necessities."

I will ship direct to your friends, apprentices, sponsors, and others.

Remit to Donna Vorce, 601 E 6th St, Davenport, NE 68335, USA

As always, people who provide goods or services to our community receive a free listing in this book. If you aren't in the book get in the next edition.
Fine print - If you haven't seen this directory it is 100 pages of contact info for each and every artist I can locate in North America. This book features equipment makers, hoods, bells, quail producers, falcon/hawk producers, vets, clubs, organizations, and much more. Money back if not delighted. Edited by a falconer for the entire falconry community.

Flatwater Falconer
01-20-2013, 04:32 PM
Here's the cover featuring a spectacular shot by Canadian Mark Williams.


Flatwater Falconer
03-19-2013, 01:42 PM
Hi All,

The 2012 edition is now sold out. Thanks for your support via orders and purchasing advertising.

The 2013 edition will be coming soon. If you wish to pre-order a copy that is fine.

All you vendors and suppliers of the stuff we use and want now is the time to get an advert in the upcoming 7th edition. I'm ok with bartering - in fact I need a piece of leather for jesses and anklets at the present time - if anyone wants to swap goods for services.

There is space for several short articles or stories if anyone wants to see their writing - immortalized might be too strong a word . . . - well let's say 'in print' and call it good. :D

Best regards,