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07-11-2013, 11:34 AM
Raptors of the World. Hardcover. 2001. 992 pages. James Ferguson-Lees ... (condition : Great)
Bought it for 89.95$can. Will sell for 75$can.
Raptors is the first complete identification guide to all the birds of prey of the world. Each of the 313 species is described thoroughly and accurately, and every plumage and variation is shown in more than two thousand color illustrations plus hundreds of black-and-white drawings. Both large-scale and small-scale range maps show in detail where each species has been found.

Hawks and owls of eastern North America. Hardcover, 2004, 203 pages. Donald S. Heintzelman (condition : great)
Bought it for 39.95$can. Will sell for 20$can.
Hawks and Owls of Eastern North America provides an enjoyable and informative introduction to these incredible birds. Illustrated with more than eighty black and white and thirty stunning color photographs, it describes their identifying characteristics, behaviors, habitats, and what’s being done to protect them. In chapters on citizen science and recreation, readers will also learn how they can experience raptors firsthand through study and observation.

The Hawk and the Hound : : The Art of Medieval Hunting. Hardcover 1988, 306 pages, John Cummins (condition : slight wear on dust jacket)
Bought it for 39.95$can Will sell for 25$can.
The gentlemen of medieval and Renaissance Europe had three all-consuming passions: warfare, courtly love, and hunting with a hawk or hound--and the philosophy behind the last of the trio really encompasses them all. Hunting, the sport of kings, served as training for battle, a rite of manhood, and a powerful ritualistic pastime. In vivid and engrossing detail, here are all the appropriate methods for hunting deer, boar, wolves, foxes, bears, otters, birds, hares...even unicorns! A dazzling diversity of sources (poems, ballads, letters, court directives, royal accounts, gamekeepers' handbooks, psalters) illustrate how hunting and hawking appear throughout medieval art and literature as metaphors and motifs for everything from romance to combat.

So 120$ canadian gets you all 3 books. Shipping not included.

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any offers ? Either for 1 book in perticular or the 3.