View Full Version : Still have the blocks for sale

08-07-2013, 12:44 AM
Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know that i still have this set of hood blocks for sale i really need to sell them so I am open to offers, I am going to lower my asking price to 650 this is a really good deal most of these blocks have never been used and the ones that have been are in very very good condition this is a set that if you bought it new would cost you right at about 1000 dollars. This would be really great for someone that is looking to get serious about hood making or for a person that is looking to just be able to make himself and his friends birds some great fitting hoods!!

i am selling my set of tait hood blocks it is a full set of blocks minus the eagle blocks and the size 000 block. you can contact me at my email brtwtaylor@hotmail.com or by phone my cell is 417-540-9594

One more thing this set of blocks needs a new set of patterns tait offers them on his website they come on heavy duty paper but I would recommend once you get them to transfer them all to a card stock so that you can always have those as your master copies!

Tucker Taylor