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mikes falconry
12-26-2013, 04:54 PM
Sale starts Dec 26th - Dec 31st.

Don't miss out on this great year end clearance sale, as we will have many of our top quality items on sale now at great prices.

So be the first to visit our website and get in on some excellent sale items such as, Field Marshall 800 receivers, RT Plus leg or tail mount transmitters, R-400 receivers, our new Hawk and Falcon carriers, Hunting vest and game bags, leg chaps, Elk and Cowhide Gauntlets, two and one Portable bow perches, Tait Dutch hoods, BC traps and much much more!!!

We have limited quantities on these items listed below, so you will want to order them soon as they will not last long at these prices.

Click on the links below to see these products and their sale prices.
FM800 receiver with Shorter HSL antenna with 216-219Mhz. (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0015s9O2l_h-TB93-MeKina7f5GQMqzFr2kAoi8nJq9F7WqxevUgz2PNuhyhT8h1-MoTfm2HLSdFXIbEGS86QTMt400KHGDZbRPEklyacLV1KJKSVEk MnJEoWDP2M1plQ4JO6-nPuneL0JTTpjcjDcwkun7rmWTzNlIIQ1rZvvI4cKYepum-h6j6QrPcc3SpA__pMHiDi8ghqA=)

RT plus leg or tail mount transmitters all with mag switch. (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0015s9O2l_h-TB93-MeKina7f5GQMqzFr2kAoi8nJq9F7WqxevUgz2PNuhyhT8h1-MoTfm2HLSdFXIbEGS86QTMt400KHGDZbRPEklyacLV1KLuA0TM 0SR4-hrTP2pY1ArBXXkuv-CnS-dGppOBEqXz8Cr_cxb-5fL_wxJlemRc9s0=)

R-400 receiver, 215-219Mhz. (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0015s9O2l_h-TB93-MeKina7f5GQMqzFr2kAoi8nJq9F7WqxevUgz2PNuhyhT8h1-MoTfm2HLSdFXIbEGS86QTMt400KHGDZbRPEklyacLV1KIbOTA9 ycL9pZgDOc71CCSXW1FH5UuLd3ti5n3w4z3m_N74AIuzcaFWdt _AGm4U2wns_96DYyn_zz3umWDWMN_8)

Hawk and Falcon Carriers. (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0015s9O2l_h-TB93-MeKina7f5GQMqzFr2kAoi8nJq9F7WqxevUgz2PNuhyhT8h1-MoTfm2HLSdFXIbEGS86QTMt400KHGDZbRPEklyacLV1KLYTTXE zbX9K1Si1TCXEtwDymus_U1Xafgg_hTT8AcAakbGYF44Rduw)

Click on this text now to view our sales and Specials page. (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0015s9O2l_h-TB93-MeKina7f5GQMqzFr2kAoi8nJq9F7WqxevUgz2PNuhyhT8h1-MoTfm2HLSdFXIbEGS86QTMt400KHGDZbRPEklyacLV1KLv57U5 vrPUnvrkY4QrxeLAPcgStgNkf-LHuAwtFszwuIYs7kNXpiSH)

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Please note all new orders done online will earn Rewards points that can be used later same as cash.

Visit us at www.mikesfalconry.com (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0015s9O2l_h-TB93-MeKina7f5GQMqzFr2kAoi8nJq9F7WqxevUgz2PNuhyhT8h1-MoTfm2HLSdFXIbEGS86QTMt400KHGDZbRPEklyacLV1KJB_GJa DwEqfA==)

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs126/1103697757500/img/110.jpg (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0015s9O2l_h-TB93-MeKina7f5GQMqzFr2kAoi8nJq9F7WqxevUgz2PNuhyhT8h1-MoTfm2HLSdFXIbEGS86QTMt400KHGDZbRPEklyacLV1KLYTTXE zbX9K1Si1TCXEtwDymus_U1Xafgg_hTT8AcAakbGYF44Rduw)
Hawk or Falcon Carrier

Excellent Hawk or Falcon carrier, read one of our online reviews below.

Our new hawk or falcon carrier is made using a 1.5 mm grade aluminum that will hold up well and last many years and comes with a baked on enamel smooth finish. It has air holes on the top sides and the bottom of the front door with special backer plates to keep your bird from seeing out. For more information follow this link. (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0015s9O2l_h-TB93-MeKina7f5GQMqzFr2kAoi8nJq9F7WqxevUgz2PNuhyhT8h1-MoTfm2HLSdFXIbEGS86QTMt400KHGDZbRPEklyacLV1KLYTTXE zbX9K1Si1TCXEtwDymus_U1Xafgg_hTT8AcAakbGYF44Rduw)
Our Price:$199.00
List Price: $235.00

Online review:
https://ui.constantcontact.com/rnavmap/tip/dispatcher?origImg=http://www.mikesfalconry.com/v/vspfiles/templates/223/images/star5.gif Best Giant Hood I have, December 10, 2013Reviewer: Joni Gnyp, DVM from North Carolina I just recently received the new carrier from Mike's Falconry. I have several other Giant Hoods and this one is the best I have seen. I was specifically looking for one that was narrower in width, so that I can place 3-4 in the back of a Suburban, but also tall enough for the Harris' and Goshawk we have. It is tall and has plenty of width and depth for our birds. It is extremely well made, ships with excellent packaging, and overall is the highest quality hood that I have... When I need another I will be back for this one- no hesitation!

From all of us at Mike's, we wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year too!