View Full Version : (Older) Comm Spec R400 Rec & Marshall Scout transmitter

07-28-2014, 02:28 PM
NOT the new one with the neat pistol-grip-thingy...but still great deal for an apprentice/first time telemetry user. This unit has been barely used. (maybe 3 times?)

Getting out the whole falconry thing..this is the first of many things to go...


R400 (I believe 216 only)
Full std Original Equipment (non-folding) long-range antenna
"Rubber Duck" close-up Antenna ( I think that's what they called it..)
1/8" to 1/4" headphones adapter
A couple of 9v batteries. (They are a 2-3 y/o at this point..no promises.)


Marshall Tail-mount Scout transmitter w/ Magnetic on/off
Magnetic on/off wand
spare antenna
Spare twist-on cap
couple of extra tail mount clips
couple extra batteries (same disclaimer as above!)

All in a locked, padded molded plastic case. Seriously though, wouldn't keep a determined 5-year-old out.

Originally all cost me somewhere in the high $500's...will let it all go for $300 or b/o (plus cost of shipping)

Though I can't seem to load them up here...I have pics I can share..


Bill Hatch