View Full Version : Fly tying Gear for sale or trade

08-14-2014, 02:56 AM
Hello all!

Fly tying is what started my fascination and love of birds and birds of prey. I started fly tying, then to raising and selling pheasants and now falconry.

I have not used this equipment for a long time and would like to pass it on to someone who will use it.

All offers welcome; Partial trades, full trades, you name it. I am interested in anything falconry. Bird trades welcome also.

Wish list: Telemetry for my tiercel, books, hoods, bells, Birds, leashes, jesses...

Here is some of what there is:

Quality Barred Rock hackle
White hackle
Golden pheasant skin
Polar bear Hair (very hard to find now)
Bag full of peacock feathers
Guinea Fowl feathers
Duck feathers
Dear hide
Dark Elk hide
Light Elk hide
Black mariboo
Turkey quills
Red saddle
Black saddle
Rabbit skin
Racoon tail
Scuttle-back skin
Large assortment of dubbing
And more.

Take a look!