View Full Version : Decker Terrier Year Old Male

08-29-2014, 04:49 PM
"Jet" is a very well-behaved Decker hunting terrier. Right around #25 and and 16" tall. He was raised inside, and house-broken and everything, but he has lived outside for about 3 months now. He is great at being controlled and mellow in the house, but he knows when it's time to work, and he is very energetic in the field. His parents were both good hunters, from working lines. He has been worked on rabbits, rats, and has gotten a couple squirrels. His parents were worked on squirrels, rabbits and coons. Has been raised with young kids (4-10) and never loses patience with them. Has been raised around chickens, rabbits, and mink as well. I think he would take to a raptor great, as he has gotten attacked by new mink a few times, and has never even tried to retaliate. He doesn't love the water, but will not hesitate to cross a river after game, or to come back to me. He is also fairly deer broken.

As far as training goes, he has been very extensively trained. He will play fetch, sit, heel, wait at doorways, "get outside" (get out of the way), load up, get off furniture on command, and also knows a command to look up and pursue once the handler has seen prey flush. He is very solid on all of these. He has had a lot of time in the field, but has never been encouraged or discouraged to go after a certain type of prey. (Aside from deer)

I think the ideal home for him would be someone looking to hunt rabbits with their raptor. He is VERY controlled, and would be easy to introduce to a bird. Great age too take a dog if you're looking for a young, moldable dog, but don't want the annoying, immature, baby stage. He'd probably be better off as an inside dog, but will do fine outside as well. I will definitely make sure he is going to a good home. Price is negotiable for the right home. All reasonable offers will be considered.

Call or text Cade at 801-989-2508 for pictures or questions. I can't answer the phone weekdays between 7:30-4:00, but feel free to text during that time.

Located in Salt Lake, Utah, but willing to ship.