View Full Version : Eager to learn in Northern Michigan

09-22-2014, 12:30 PM
Hello NAFEX members!
I'm in awe of this magnificent, ancient sport, and the beautiful, intelligent creatures we call birds of prey. I live in Northern Michigan and would like to meet Michigan falconers, and those in the beginning stages of falconry. I grew up around hunting with the use of bird dogs. I thought cultivating effective hunting dogs was an amazing hobby... until I found falconry. I have the utmost respect for birds of prey, and I understand falconry is a lifestyle. More about me: 30's, married, "retired" RN, outdoor enthusiast, I love cooking fish and wild game, especially over an open fire (and eating it too, of course.) I have much time and attention to devote to a bird, and I understand the seriousness of this commitment. Please message me if you're in Michigan and interested in beginning a friendship based on falconry. Thanks!