View Full Version : Tracker Maxima 5000 (Used) available

09-29-2014, 02:44 PM
Use Tracker Maxima 5000 For Sale - Before I put it up on eBay I wanted to offer it here. I have come into two units and bought them both. Keeping one and just looking to get my purchase price back from the second. Comes in black plastic case, manual, DVD user guide, Holster and unit. The unit works and appears to have had very little actual use. 216 -220 and stores 30 in memory. The holster appears to have been carried regularly. Previous owner was probably a dog runner. No dog collars or transmitters come with the unit. Price $570 + whatever it cost me to ship it to you. (if anyone can tell me how to post photos here, the FAQ's aren't correct, I 'll post them here or send them directly to you via email.)

Jim Wolfe