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01-23-2015, 09:12 PM
Free Female Harris Hawk. 11 year old. Catches rabbits, follows and generally gets along well with other Harris hawks. I got her from a breeder in Pennsylvania last year along with another female (for cheap). She never showed any aggression with the male my buddy flew, or with any other Harris hawk. But she does occasionally bully the small male juvenile I just got. It is probably his fault for lack of respect, but still...I like him better.

Why free? She does have some issues. Most notably she is mews proud and has shown some handler aggression in the mews. She rarely acts up in the field when actually hunting. I am told she was better with female handlers. She is vocal when in yarak on a yard perch, but is NOT a constant screamer. Quiet in the field. No health issues. Flies best at 900g.

That is an honest description of her. Not a beginner's bird. But just with me in one year she has killed jack rabbits, cottontails, a squirrel (not intentional on my part) and small birds from the air. Oh, and at least one cat. (also not intentional, but I probably should mention that in case you have one... She will eat your cat.)

I am in southern Maryland. Jeff Wood 240-299-3821

01-26-2015, 07:21 PM
Thank you for the interest. I found a home for her with another local falconer.
Chesapeakhawk: I did respond to your PM, but I am not sure if it went through. I hit the submit button, but nothing showed in my Sent Messages folder. Sorry, I am new to this forum.