View Full Version : Lost PFRT So Cal 3/14

03-18-2015, 08:34 PM
Lost Peppermint...my PFRT in Laguna Niguel near Crown Valley Parkway and Niguel. She was booted out by a couple of resident RT's. Seen 4 hrs later being hounded by ravens. She has roo anklets, braided jesses, a Counce bell and a reward tag for equipment. She had telemetry on that worked for about an hour. Last seen going into a ravine with running water and just took her 1st bath on her own the week before...so she may have shorted it out. 216.922


03-18-2015, 11:46 PM
Here's what she looks like in real life..


Gentleman shooting the video had never laid eyes on her. Thru a FB group all of us connected for an awesome day! When she's flying...this is a great field for her, but she was constantly harassed by the resi's. Where I lost her was 100 miles north. She could hold her own 1 on 1...2 on 1 not so much. The 2 in this video actually chased hr into Mexico! After 45 min. she flew across my truck...still took 10 minutes to convince her, but she came back to the glove!