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11-03-2015, 03:52 AM
Hello all! My name is Jessica Harris and I am currently living in Calera, Alabama. The end of this month will see me living much further north in the state. I have only just begun my journey into falconry but it has been calling to me for years.

I have a very spiritual connection with Red Tail hawks in particular. I was raised with some heavy Native American influences and grew up in the woods. I see them circling when something very important or life changing is either in the process of happening or will soon. My mother has noticed this trend and tells me it is "good medicine" and possibly even my ancestors. I don't know, but I've always been drawn to them. You know how sometimes you'll meet someone and then you'll meet their pet and you think that pet is like a replicate of its owner? Hawks are like that to me. Sharp and severe but protective and loyal.

My fascination started as spiritual but one day I saved a hawk from a vicious flock of Mocking birds. It was a massive thing, wild and angry and out of breath. I sat down next to it like a guard. The other birds wouldn't attack with me there. To be honest, looking into that Hawk's eyes and being that close was terrifying. I knew it could do some serious damage to me but I was determined to help it despite my fear. After an hour most the other birds were gone and it simply took off. It was an exhilarating experience, one I can never forget. Whats more is that at the time, I was in terrible relationship and had grown very depressed. I was actually out in my yard brooding when the bird practically fell at my feet. Watching that hawk be taken down by those Mocking birds was like watching myself and my battle with unhappiness. It was exactly what I needed to pack my things and start a new life.

I knew then that I had to be in touch with them, that I had to learn more. It feels a lot like destiny to me. I know the lay is steep. I know there is a ton of time and dedication and money to invest. I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I feel almost like this is my purpose in life.

11-03-2015, 09:58 AM

There are some good folks in the Alabama club who will help you get started, but before you do, you need to realize that falconry is hunting and killing. It is not education, it is not conservation, and it is not rehabilitation. A red-tail is a predator and needs to kill to be happy. Are you going to be able to watch your bird kill squirrels and cute little bunnies? Are you going to be able to make in and assist your bird by humanely dispatching the prey items? I apologize if I'm jumping to conclusions about your personality, but you come across as a very tender hearted spiritual person. If you decide that falconry is not for you, you might consider volunteering at a rehab or education program like the one at Oak Mountain state park.

11-03-2015, 05:41 PM
Hello Ross! I can definitely see where my post would raise that concern. I do sort of give that impression but I can promise you I am not squeamish in the least. I am equally as fascinated and dedicated to the hunt as I am to the spiritual aspect.

I was raised in the country and can gut a fish but haven't learned yet how to skin a rabbit. It's on my list. Just recently I was looking into how to save the fur and what is involved in that process. (scraping off the meat, applying salt or some other drying agent, etc) I definitely want to learn everything that comes with the sport, hunting included and I understand that if I am not able or capable to invest the time for my bird to hunt that I don't deserve to adopt or care for a Raptor bird. I will not even look into adopting one until I've learned enough, have trained enough, have the mews and equipment and have the time to dedicate to the practice. I'm really glad that sites like this exist to prevent others from prematurely adopting an animal they are not ready to care for.