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12-21-2015, 02:19 PM
Dennis is a male harris 2011 hatch out of Foxtrot (father) and WD-40 (mother) from Dan Pike. WD was a truly exceptional hawk that Dan got from the Coulsons. She is descended from White Wing and Sonora.

Dennis hunts best at about 640 to 650. I have only hunted him for one season in very thick underbrush of louisiana on swamp rabbits and he was never successful in killing rabbits. He was unable to penetrate the brush in many instances with force. HE CHASED HIS HEART OUT WITH GUSTO 3 TO 4 DAYS A WEEK WITH MANY SPECTACULAR ATTEMPTS.

I am asking $500 plus shipping. I am only asking $500 because he is not proven on rabbits and I don't have access to areas that allow me to do that. I am confident given the right terrain he will excel.

I did not own Dennis until last season. He spent 3 seasons as an abatement bird at a resort. He did not kill anything with the exception of some incidental kills. They flew him high in weight.

Dennis is in hunting shape now and is very familiar with jump ups and restrained pursuits.

He is a quiet hawk unless alarmed or bothered while weathering. He is absolutely quiet in the field.

He works well with larger dogs, but I would be cautious around smaller, terrier size dogs until they become familiar.

He has killed goose size ducks, field rats/mice, chased woodcock, squirrels, sparrows and crows. He will car hawk without a problem.

If you want an excellent male harris hawk to hunt and have regular terrain to hunt him in I believe he will make an excellent rabbit hawk or anything else hawk. Call or text Anthony at 225-772-8032 if you have any questions.

12-26-2015, 01:34 PM
Pending sale

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