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03-15-2016, 10:53 PM
Hello I have two Harris Hawks that I am interested in selling. I really would like them to go together, possibly even two falconers that would fly them together.
They are from the same breeder but different parents. They have been flying in a cast together since I got them. They hunt great with no fighting, I trade them off of all kills with no difficulty. They can fill a freezer every season.

First bird is a female that hunts from 950- 1000g, I have never needed to hood her. She is a jack killing machine. Will also crash brush for cottontails. She has tried quail but no success. Her only problem is when at home she talks. I live In community where the houses are very close together and have never had a complaint. Silent in the field.

Second bird is either a small female or bigger male, flies 750-770 ish
Also never been hooded silent but can talk a little when loading up to go fly. Can handle jacks alone no problem, has caught a couple birds as well.

I would like to get 650 each
This is a hard choice for me but I have developed a severe allergy to cottontails and it is preventing me from wanting to fly due to the fear of not being able to breathe. It has gotten bad to the point that I will stay short of breathe for several days after. It has also been causing me problems at work because of the shortness of breathe.
So I'm going to make a change to something that will hunt birds and hopefully stay away from the cottontails.
I would prefer text but if you leave a voice message I will call back to you
I would like to not have to ship, but we can figure that out.
Willing to meet if your in SoCal, Utah, Arizona
Jimmy Chavez

03-16-2016, 05:37 PM
Sold thanx for the interest