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Captain Gizmo
03-23-2016, 04:08 AM
The Cheap Beep Project has transmitter kits at $15 and finished transmitters as available at $25. Scanner receivers available when stock is in hand.
Payment can be by PayPal to my E-mail account. Best to contact me direct at: tom@munson.us

See attached table for full list of available items.

MAXI Transmitter Kit

Middle right to middle left: epoxy resin, epoxy hardener, gel solder flux, 0.3mm flux core wire solder, solder removal wick, transmitter parts on a 3X5 card, antenna strain relief and battery sleeve, magnet.
Top: antenna kit and premade/example antenna
Bottom: Shrink tube for extra battery sleeves

Captain Gizmo
05-09-2016, 12:25 AM
Attached PDF table shows items currently available at the Cheap Beep Project. Main new item is Micro and Mini transmitters on 434.04 MHz.

Table is attached as a PDF. All attempts t date to put a table in the body of a post have failed. Click on the attachment and it will probably download as a banner in the lower left corner. Click on the banner to open the file.

Best Regards,
Thomas of the Desert


Captain Gizmo
06-22-2016, 11:41 PM
The Cheap Beep Project has had several requests for hack (long run time) transmitters recently. I will be doing a batch of MAXI transmitters programmed for lower output and longer run time (8 weeks max). 7.5 grams. $35 per includes spare heat shrink, spare antennas and on/off magnet tool. Use CR2032 batteries (same as Marshall Scout).

Also have some pre-built 434 MHz MICRO transmitters available. $25 with accessories.

See previous post for other available items. Kits for all sizes and 433 or 434 MHz available as usual.

Thomas of the Desert

Captain Gizmo
09-03-2016, 06:00 PM
The Cheap Beep Project has the following transmitters on hand.
For sale at $25 per, plus postage. Includes transmitter, a battery, a magnet, spare antennas, and spare battery sleeves.
The standard MAXI has been comparison tested with an MRT UHF Scout. Perfomance is equal to a UHF Scout. I no longer say "about like".

3 MAXI, 433.04 MHz, 7.1 gm., light antenna, 7 day run time, 30 mile range, CR2032
2 MAXI, 433.03 MHz, 7.5 gm., standard antenna, 7 day run time, 30 mile range, CR2032
1 MAXI, 433.04 MHz, 7.5 gm., standard antenna, 7 day run time, 30 mile range, CR2032
1 MAXI Hack special, 434.04 MHz, Standard antenna, 60 day run time, 15 mile range, CR2032
2 MIDI, 433.04 MHz, 5.1 grams, standard antenna, 7 day run time, 25 mile range, CR1632
2 MINI, 433.047 MHz, 2.7 gm., 5 day run time, 21 mile range, CR1225
2 MICRO, 433.047 MHz, 1.9 gm., 5 day run time, 15 mile range, CR1025

Tom Munson


Captain Gizmo
09-03-2016, 06:25 PM
As we start the season the CBP will be doing a batch run of Build to Order UHF Transmitters in the next 2 weeks. Choice of 4 sizes. Special long run Hack transmitters possible. 433.04 MHz and 434.05 MHz frequencies
Signal of the MAXI version is entirely equal to MRT UHF Scout (I had a recent chance to comparison test them)

Price is $35 per each plus postage.
Includes transmitter, 1 battery, magnet, 2 spare antennas and spare battery sleeves.

Kits for DIY transmitters are still $15.
Video on transmitter assembly available at no charge.

Tom Munson