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04-13-2016, 12:03 AM
Hello everyone,

Figured I would introduce myself, as I just realized I hadn't yet. My name is Robert, and I live around Greenville, NC. Started my apprenticeship and Highschool in the same week back in '04. Was an apprentice for 4 years(couldn't be a general til 18 then) and flew for a little over a year as a general before I had to take a rather long break because of work. Finally was able to really get back into it this year. I have flown RTs, a Harris, Kestrels, tried a Mid-Nov Coop which I released after a couple months, and even a Red-Shoulder once. He didn't last as long as the coop, couldn't stand the noise! I am hoping to fly my first long wing this next season, hopefully a late eyas. I am currently flying a male Kestrel, Locust, and have a RT up for the moult, Turtle. I love this forum, a little too much as I think I am developing an addiction! With so few people to talk falconry with around me it is the only outlet for my habit! There is a lot to learn from it and I look forward to trying to read as much of it as humanly possible and absorbing the knowledge from everyone on it. If anyone is ever coming my way, please give me a shout and we will go flying, or at least I will take you to the best BBQ places and brewerys around!

04-13-2016, 08:10 AM
Hey Robert, the North Carolina Falconers Guild has a picnic in May, check out their website for information. I am in W-S so a good ways away so can't just drop by and gab falconry but if you are ever over this way, let me know and you can drop by and see all my mews and falconry stuff and chat.

04-13-2016, 11:30 AM
Hey Fredd, thanks for the offer. I'm actually in Greensboro today and tonight. Small world. I'm going to be tied down with work the entire time, and is short notice for you. Next time I make it this way I will definately let you know. Thanks for the welcome!