View Full Version : Marshall Telemetry System 216 Mhz

05-12-2016, 04:02 PM

I have a complete 216 MHz Marshall Telemetry System for sale. Everything is in perfectly fine working order. Will be using it next season if it doesn’t sell.

2008 Field Marshall 1000 channels 216.000 – 216.999 MHz (includes holster)
PowerMax Transmitter (Tailmount) 216.235
RT+ Transmitter (Legmount) 216.015
Asking 800 USD for all 3 items

The following items will be put up for sale once the receiver/transmitters listed above are sold:
RT Turbo (Tailmount) – Most Powerful VHF Transmitter – 216.065 – 300 USD (Sale pending)
Omni Antenna 216 MHz – 30 USD (Sale pending)
Merlin Mini (Legmount) 216.010 – 100 USD
LL 1/3N (Legmount) 80 USD

Shipping from Canada. I will pay for half of shipping costs.