View Full Version : Female Harris ( great bloodline )

06-13-2016, 07:23 PM
This gal is an amazing bird to a point she barely needs to be weighed any longer to hunt , this bird will hunt with a crop full literally follownyoundownna road on your bicycle !!! She has been bred and produced amazing game birds over the years and still will continue although she is 15 years she's a big gal too !!hunts well with others or alone ! She will even help raise chicks that don't belong to her and almost any species too ! She doesn't need a glove either although if she snags a hair , pheasant or anything large for a few weeks if wear it until she knows you well ! I'm only looking to make room either to purchase another bird but no more harris hawks , anyone whom takes her will not have a single complaint I just have two females the other gal is 16 and I'm keeping her just because she doesn't get along with other males ! She would be great for breeding , hunting , education or abatement ! Trades open too if anyone has anything still flying and well manned ! If I get no bites I'm in no worry I'll keep her for ever lol , if someone is looking for a bird that absolutely will work at day one for a stranger she's that gal ! Feel free to send me a message or call me 631-512-0583 Aracdio G