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06-29-2016, 09:34 PM
Seven year old male Harris hawk, proven breeder. I have over $900 into this bird asking $900 OBO. Call or text for more info thanks, Jonathan Clarkson 716-949-9221

07-08-2016, 12:40 PM
Hello all, I've had several calls about this bird and all were interested in flying him for falconry. Unless your experienced with problem harris hawks and up for a challenge, this bird is not suited for falconry. I purchased this bird with the intention of flying him on game, but once I started flying him, I soon discovered he has worse behavioral problems than any gos or coopers I've seen and this is the third Harris's I've seen act like this. These birds are really making me think they are way overrated and I'll stick with accipters. Or at least I will never try a second hand bird unless I know the falconer. This male is glove bound, sticky footed and intentionally struck me in the face while flying in the field as hard and fast as he could, on two seperate occasions. I feel bad for him because his problems are a direct result of bad training/handling by his previous owners. I'm not going to try and make a quick buck and sell him to an unsuspecting falconer like what happened to me. I also do not wish to be in the Harris hawk breeding business but I'm not going to feed this bird all summer and then try and sell him dirt cheap in the fall, so if I still have him by snowfall, I will place him back in a breeding chamber with my female. he is currently free lofting in a falconry chamber and when in the chamber he does not show any sign s of aggression, he is quiet, hoods well and is quite tame and friendly. He just cannot be trusted as a falconry bird. He has supposedly reared young in the past and he mated with my young female earlier in the year. I'd like to see him go to someone needing a good male for their breeding project. Thanks,