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08-13-2016, 09:01 PM
I have another thread here for a male Harris and decided I'd like to add the female and sell as a pair. I mentioned in my other ad that the male is not really suited for falconry, he has aggressively flew into my face, hits the glove hard and wont let go. the female has been great so far no problems, and aggressive on game. She took 3 Canada geese earlier in the spring on a depredation permit, and bound to several others, she has taken about a dozen bagged pheasants and I fly her almost everyday in the field for exercise and work her hard on my lure machine. I had an itching to try Harris's this year and realize they are not for me, I prefer goshawks. The male has reared young with a previous female, and I breifley had them in a breeding chamber this year and saw them copulate. Female is from coulson birds not sure about the male. they also flew nicely in a cast together feeding from the same carcass and lures with no crabbing. I just dont trust the male flying free any more. female flies at a wide range 34-36.5 oz and I no longer weigh her unless she had a big meal. Male flew at 20-21 oz. female is a 2012 bird male 2008. $1800 I think is a good fair price for a young pair that should produce plenty of offspring. I'd really like to fly a female gos this year so I'm willing to trade for one or a breeding age chamber raised northern anatum. call or text 716-949-9221. Thanks.

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Buyer backed out, available again.