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08-25-2016, 03:06 PM
Hello everyone!
My family and I have always admired falconry and birds of prey. Growing up, my grandfather would always take me out for walks in the woods, and show me any nests he found that spring or try quizzing me on any birds we saw. I always enjoyed those times. I've wanted to pursue falconry for a long time now, but was a bit too shy growing up to take the necessary steps.
Now I'm 24, I've just bought my first house on five acres this past year, and I've decided that now is the time! I have a lot more stable free time now that I'm not dealing with school anymore and moving from place to place, and my lifestyle has been oriented back to the outdoors.
I've taken the exam and passed, and I've located a sponsor. Next will be building my mews, gathering equipment, and doing lots more learning.
I'm hoping to start off with a PRT, but I'm also curious about flying a Harris Hawk some day, and my family owns a decent amount of land that I'm hoping proves to have some good hunting spots for tasty bunnies and squirrels. :D
I'm excited for the adventure ahead, and to meet everyone else. :)

08-25-2016, 10:31 PM
Welcome Paige, a big group to meet around this side of the state. Have fun getting ready, it will time to trap before you know it. rtsqrl