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09-06-2016, 10:58 PM
Hello from Centreville. I am brand new to the sport and making progress step-by-step. I am fortunate enough to have found an excellent mentor and sponsor who has been most generous with his time. Finding a sponsor was a bit of a challenge, but a big relief now that this initial hurdle has been overcome.

So far, I’ve read a few introductory works aimed at beginners. I’ve also picked up Philip Glasier’s “Falconry & Hawking” and Liam McGranaghan’s “The Red-tailed Hawk.”

For now, aside from reading, I’ve been practicing making equipment (jesses, anklets, etc.) and pulling together the equipment I will need. I’m enjoying the hands-on aspect of it all.


10-03-2016, 08:51 AM

Welcome, I am a second year apprentice and live near Westminster...not real far. Give me a yell will PM phone number. If you are are still trapping let me know may be able to join in. A book i would recommend is Hoods, Hooding, and Hood making. Sounds weird (500 pages on hoods) but has some good tips on general stuff. Passage birds in particular. Seemed to help re-enforce some of the stuff my sponsor says. In particular what he calls an "electric hood" and using a strobe. Plus a million details on hood making Anyway one new guy to next welcome. I love being with the birds. There are highs and lows, over all it is great

Dennis Casteel

10-04-2016, 12:10 PM
I always tell newbies to get A hawk for the Bush by Mavrogordato. He explains the manning and training thing best IMHO and is a pleasure to read. Memorize it.

10-05-2016, 11:46 AM
....not the whole book. Just the chapters on "carriage" and "calling off".

10-10-2016, 08:34 PM
Thanks Hans and Dennis for the reading recommendations -- I'll add both books to the stack. Saw a passage Red-tail take a swipe at a squirrel in the back yard today. I’m anxious to get started, that’s for sure. :-)

10-15-2016, 10:04 PM
You succeeded at the hardest part, getting a sponsor, congratulations.I have read both your books and they are good. Take the test ASAP, build the mews, season is starting...