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11-19-2016, 10:09 PM
Got Rabbits?

Come to the New Jersey
Falconry Club Winter Field Meet

Dachshunds not required

February 10th - 11th, 2017

Holiday Inn 1 Pureland Drive, Swedesboro NJ 08085 856-467-3322

All NJFC Meet information can be found on our website: http://newjerseyfalconryclub.com/

Guest Speaker Mike Yates

Mike is a world renowned Raptor Researcher who has studied birds of Prey in the lower 48states and in Alaska, Greenland and Russia. He has personally captured many thousands of falcons, hawks, grouse and water birds, including more than 4,000 peregrines. His continuing studies at Assateague and Padre Islands encompass peregrine population dynamics, migration, habitat use, natal origin, genetics,
contaminants and infectious diseases.
We are honored to have him as our 2017 Guest Speaker.


Last year’s Banquet was sold out. We urge anyone who is planning on attending to go to the 2017 Field Meet Registration Page on our website and register. You can pay when you arrive or you can pay online but we need to give a headcount for the banquet 2 weeks before the Meet.

Meet Registration page will be up and running in early December

Thank You for your help on that

12-12-2016, 06:03 PM
NJFC Winter Field Meet

February 10th – 11th 2017

Swedesboro Holiday Inn


NJFC Block Room Rate: $89.00

Friday Night

We are pleased to announce that we are having a Friday Night Social in the conference room with snacks provided starting at 7:00

Apprentice Workshop
Leather Anklet and Jesse making
Proper Leashing
Jesse and Leash Braiding
Q and A session and much more…
Anyone who would like to help out Pauline with this workshop please email her. Pauline.Kint@gmail.com (wlmailhtml:{08C6824E-D8BF-4976-9517-8A827046D9DA}mid://00000371/!x-usc:mailto:Pauline.Kint@gmail.com)

Video and Photo Presentation
Do you have any personal videos or photo you would like to share? We will have a laptop; projector and screen setup so bring your videos or photos on a memory stick and share them with the group.

Mist Net Tying
Rob and Beth Robbins have offered to come and show people how to tie mist nests.

Do you have something you would like to demo or show? Just let us know and show up.

Saturday Night Banquet 7:00 PM

There is a discount if you purchase your Banquet Dinner online at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
Banquet Dinner: $25.00 in Advance
$30 within 2 weeks of the Banquet
Kids Meal: (children 12 and under) $8.00

Guest Speaker Mike Yates

Mike, formally from Maryland now living in Minden Nevada has studied birds of prey in the US, Greenland and Russia. He has been banding Peregrine Falcons on both Assateague and Padre Islands for 40 years. His study of nesting Gyr Falcons has taken him to the cliffs of both Greenland and Russia. Mike and his wife Karen, who is also a falconer, will be at our meet for both Friday and Saturday and they are looking forward to meeting as many NJFC members as possible.

http://i1255.photobucket.com/albums/hh638/rmglass2/22nd%20peregrine%20of%20the%20day%2013%20Oct%20201 4_zpsajxcen3l.jpg

Picture Title: 22nd Peregrine of the Day

The Raffle: Our Raffle gets bigger and bigger every year. Last year we had 6 banquet table’s full of great items. Our list of donating vendors, who carry the finest falconry equipment available has also grown and we expect a lot of great stuff on the tables from them this year. Do you know a vendor who is not listed on our Links Page? Ask them for a donation for us. Remember to bring your own item we can raffle off.

Kid Raffle: This year we are going to have a special Kids Raffle, (no charge) where every kid will win something.


As a byproduct of having such successful Meet’s… last year’s Banquet was sold out. 82 people attend the banquet. We had falconers from NY, PA, Conn, Del, NC, NH and TX. We urge everyone who is planning on coming to Pre-Register. You can pay when you arrive or you can pay online using PayPal or a Credit Card but we need to give a Banquet Dinner head count 2 weeks prior to the Meet. Go to the 2017 Field Meet Registration page on our website for all registration information.

Whether the weather will be a factor?

As we saw last year the weather can be a factor in the success of a Meet. The NJFC Officers would like you to take the following into consideration when you make your decision to attend. Of course we want everyone to travel as safe as possible and if road conditions are not good we understand. But, if the weather turns out to be not 100% optimal for hunting please understand that this is a huge financial undertaking for the Club. This Meet will cost the Club almost $5000 when it is all said and done. So please make every effort to come out and support the Club and be a part of this wonderful event. Our goal is to make the Winter Field Meet bigger and better every year and with your help we will do that again this year. Plus we have some great swag this year for everyone who attends.

As always… all Field Meet information and the Meet Registration Page are on our website.

www.newjerseyfalconryclub.com (http://www.newjerseyfalconryclub.com)

If you have questions just email us at: members@newjerseyfalconryclub.com (wlmailhtml:{08C6824E-D8BF-4976-9517-8A827046D9DA}mid://00000371/!x-usc:mailto:members@newjerseyfalconryclub.com)

Chris L.
12-13-2016, 11:56 AM
Hi Bob,

it looks like oyu all are putting together a very nice meet. I hate I am so far away. Please post pictures of the adventures

01-20-2017, 03:04 PM
I am thinking of attending the winter meet will members of the host club be willing to take out of town falconers along hunting? Ihave a pfrt is there some one to contact before the meet

01-20-2017, 03:51 PM
I am thinking of attending the winter meet will members of the host club be willing to take out of town falconers along hunting? Ihave a pfrt is there some one to contact before the meet

Absolutely! Just show up or hang out in the lobby and their will be plenty of people to share hawking spots with. We have had very good numbers of rabbits the last few years at this location. You won't have to go very far from the hotel at all. As far as contacting anyone before the meet, I don't think it is necessary. Just go to our website and register (you get a small discount for the banquet if you register and pay early)

Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

01-20-2017, 04:07 PM
I am thinking of attending the winter meet will members of the host club be willing to take out of town falconers along hunting? Ihave a pfrt is there some one to contact before the meet

Since you didn't tag your own name I can't really respond to who you are, however I can say as another out of stater the NJ meet was hands down the most receptive out of state meets I have attended to non-residents. We're looking forward to the trip in a couple weeks out to NJ again. As Dave posted above, we also didn't experience any issue finding quarry in the close vicinity to the meet location.

01-20-2017, 06:27 PM
sorry I did not tag my own name old school new at this Walter Mills Webster NY

01-20-2017, 08:34 PM
, however I can say as another out of stater the NJ meet was hands down the most receptive out of state meets I have attended to non-residents.


You are not the only one who shares this view, and there is a reason why this environment exists at the New Jersey Club Winter Meets.

This will be the 5th year in a row that the meet will be held in Swedesboro, NJ, and the meet has grown in size and in particular the number of out of state falconers who attend. Last year I believe that the meet attracted falconers from Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut.

The decision to hold the first meet in Swedesboro was made by the officers of the club with the thought
in mind that it would be best not to have it in an area close to where any of the New Jersey Club
members lived. Why, because right or wrong, most falconers are very reluctant to share their hunting

So the officers started to discuss where one could find game in the state that wasn’t in a member’s
backyard, and that’s how the met came to Swedesboro (an area where you have to be doing something seriously wrong if you aren't finding BUNNY slips for your bird!).

The fact that none of the club members are “Protective” with respect to the Swedesboro location really
opened the door to creating an environment where everyone is receptive and helpful to not only
fellow club members, but also to out of state guests. This is why once a none resident attends, they almost always come back the following year

The other nice thing about the New Jersey Meet is that hunting is opened to falconers on Sundays.

I believe that by having the support required to get on game the first day of the meet, versus being on your own scouting out areas and potentially losing the first day of the meet it’s a lot easier for someone from out of state to justify attending. To put it in perspective, if you are from out of state, you are incurring the following:
· Gas and Tolls associated with a 200+ mile round trip
· Cost of Lodging
· None Resident License
· Meet Registration Fee
· Banquet Fee

The New Jersey Club Annual Winter Meet experience makes it easy to justify the expense, as has been proven by the ever increasing out of state attendance.

01-31-2017, 02:38 PM
can we purchase a hunting license in swedesburo ?

01-31-2017, 02:49 PM
can we purchase a hunting license in swedesburo ?

I am not sure if you can get a licenses in Swedesboro but I don't think you will have to go very far. Here is a link to the NJDEP License Agents. Swedesboro is in Gloucester County.


*Actually after looking at the list, you can get a license right at the Swedesboro municipal building, it is about 3 miles from the meet hotel.*

02-01-2017, 03:18 PM
can we purchase a hunting license in swedesburo ?

Adding on to Dave's response. If you haven't had a NJ license prior make sure you bring a copy of your home states license. I bought mine online and had to upload a copy of my home state to activate my NJ CPD number to allow license purchase. I'm under the impression you need to provide proof of home state license or safety course to be able to get your first license in NJ. After that it stays unlocked on your CPD indefinitely.

02-01-2017, 11:44 PM
Hunting Licenses Swedesboro
The Swedesboro Hall is the closest place to the Holiday Inn

Borough of Swedesboro, Borough Hall
1500 Kings Highway, Swedesboro NJ 08058
www.historicswedesboro.com/2012/11/gamelicense (http://www.historicswedesboro.com/2012/11/gamelicense)

Bob's Little Sport Shop - Glassboro, NJ 856-881-7575

Borough of Swedesboro -Swedesboro, NJ 856-467-0202

Dick's Sporting Goods - Deptford, NJ 856-384-8533

Greenwich Twp. - Gibbstown, NJ 609-423-1038

Kmart - Mantua, NJ 856-468-7575

The Sports Authority - Sewell, NJ 856-262-6285

Wal-Mart - Deptford, NJ 856-384-3211

02-12-2017, 01:45 PM
I wanted to follow up and congratulate NJ on yet another superb meet. These guys have set the bar for a few of us PA guys in their never-ending hospitality.

All the following pics were snapped by Rob Giroux, although he didn't manage to get a pic of his Aplomado putting on a superb pigeon flight or my merlin's saturday ringing flight, he still managed to snap some great shots that summed up our weekend.

Cindy's red tail chasing a rabbit

Cindy's red tail I believe on her final pursuit to the squirrel that finally bailed.


A wonderful flight where the rabbit made the dream mistake of turning across the wide open when faced with a falconer and a beater stick...

Friday I prepare with my bird on a slip across an open corn stubble field to an adjacent property. She didn't put one away on Friday, but sealed the deal on one Saturday.

Calling her back in after the starling dispersed on the friday slip. We produced some great starling ring up flights out of two merlins this weekend.

The other merlin in our group prepping for an attempt at another flock.

Dave and his 3rd year passage gos.

The bird put on some great flights quite a few slips, but was just a little too picky about crashing to seal the deal.

Seemingly un-amused with the missed slips :)


Thanks again for having us :)

02-12-2017, 11:19 PM
Thanks for coming

02-13-2017, 01:36 AM

02-13-2017, 03:48 PM

02-16-2017, 07:00 PM
We had huge turnout and record 34 head of game taken.

20 Rabbits
8 Squirrels
1 Pigeon - A pair of Aplomado Falcons
1 Crow - Gyr Falcon
2 Starlings - Merlin / Kestrel
2 Misc
1 Dead snake in a tree - Grubby Little Redtail

The first round of Field Meet pictures are up on our website. Keep checking back there are a whole lot more that need to be added.

Below is a direct link.


Everyone get some rest, we are doing it again in a year.

2018 NJFC Winter Field Meet, February 9th & 10th.