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12-10-2016, 03:42 PM
This is a perch idea I had that served me very well. I put scent free kitty litter in the bottom of the tray to catch mutes for easy clean up and oder control. On the bottom I glued some linoleum. The reason I did that is so I could place the perch on the roof of my Jeep without scratching it. And my kestrel learned when we were done hunting to fly and land on his perch which made recovery very easy.

The picture with the kestrel in it is my old perch and the dimensions on the new ones are slightly different. I just wanted the picture for reference. The new ones have 2 inch sides and are protected by a split rubber hose.

I can wrap the bow in different colors of tape if you like. I have green, blue, yellow, orange and black.

These are stainless steel perches.

As you can tell from the pic I'm not the best rope wrapper but it should work fine.

I have 5 of these. One of them is a wee bit shorter than the one pictured.

In the lower 48 states I'm charging $65 delivered to your door (free shipping).

I take PayPal

Any questions please email me:

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