View Full Version : Dutch Hood with Arabic Back

12-19-2016, 09:40 PM
Happy Holidays everyone out there. Hope you are all doing great and having fun with your birds or having fun studying birds.
I recently happen to buy a Dutch Hood for the size of Female Goshawk. The maker of this Hoods website is www.ar-falconry-Hoods.com
The hood is a size 18 for Steve Tait Size. It will for the following: F Peales, M Gyr/Peregrine, M Saker, F Harris, F Goshawk, F Gyr/Barbary


I'm asking $115 total for the hood. That includes shipping its a great Hood, I just am not in the need of it like I thought I was going to be. Let me know if you are interestded. I'd like for it to stay inside the US so I don't have to deal with international shipping. It hasn't been used once and I got it just last week to the date!

"I have no idea how to upload a picture so there's the link!