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Chris L.
12-09-2008, 01:49 PM
The Mid-Season Meet will be held on Saturday; Jan 17th & Sunday; Jan 18th. Saturday will primarily consist of hawkings through out the day w/a cook out afterward and club business meeting. A Sunday morning outing will be organized in the early morning and wrapped up around mid-day. The meet location will be at the following; 8163 Belfast Rd. Newberry, S.C. 29108; This particular property now sits on 1500 acres and is a very Historic Home site for Newberry county as well as the family that resides there since the mid 1750's
Those planning on attending should MapQuest the address given to get directions from there locations. The primary quarry will of course be Squirrel and the occasional Cotton-tail. So everybody make sure you have your Small games licenses purchased accordingly. Details are still developing so check back to follow up on this announcement. I hope to have a few items to donate for a fund raising auction and I encourge anyone else to do likewise. I would be grateful. There will be a designated weathering area for Raptors FYI. Anyone intending to bring a dog, the dogs must be crated or kept in contained in a car when not being worked. There is a substantial amount of Cattle livestock on this property. Cows w/calfs and Bulls alike. So unless your dog is very steady in the field and obedient to a fault, I would politely ask they be left at home to sit this one out. If anyone has any questions, you can reach me here or you can call me at 864-597-1675. Thank you.

Mark Betcke
SCFA Pres.

Hotel Info

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For those requiring rooms for the night of the 10th of Jan. 09:
1. Hampton Inn; 1201 Nance str. Newberry, S.C. 29108 Ph.# 803-276-6666
2. Quality Inn; 1147 Wilson Rd. Newberry, S.C. 29108 Ph.# 803-276-1600
3. Newberry Days Inn; 50 Thomas Griffen Rd. Exit #74 off I-26 @ Hwy#34 Winnsborro Rd. Newberry, S.C. 29108 Ph.#803-276-2294 (directions should be called in for.)

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