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12-16-2008, 09:11 PM
When: January 17th 2009
11:00 AM
Where: 1465 W. Bristol Ridge Dr. (8420 s)
West Jordan, UT 84088
(same place as last year)

Cost: Winterfest is FREE, BUT EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO BRING A POTLUCK FOOD ITEM!!!!!!!!! We will also be holding a raffle to cover all the costs such as trophies, prizes, and plates and utensils. so PLEASE DONATE TO THE RAFFLE IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING! We always have some general non-falconry items as well for the raffle.
Winterfest is NOT a meet or a trial by DWR definition. It's purposes are to let newer falconers fly their birds in a friendly non-lethal competition, to see old friends and make new ones, and to see a ton of birds all together at the same location.
Winterfest is meant to be an extremely friendly and open event. The kind of event that an apprentice or a falconer-to-be can bring their family of friends and have a positive experience.


Flight competitions:
Every year we have 3 categories of flight competitions. Red-tail, Kestrel, and Harris hawk. These are the birds that apprentices can use (except for the harris hawk, but we include it in anticipation of the change in Federal regulations that will allow apprentices to fly them)
These flights are timed and are all in good fun. The falconer can choose whether the flights are to the fist or to the lure. The winners get trophies. This years trophies are planned to be the cool etched glass type or something similar.
PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO FLY YOUR BIRD! these flights are not a ruthless competition as much as a fun thing to do, so don't feel inadequate. Nobody will mock you if your bird doesn't do as good as you had hoped. (anyone who mocks will be fed to an eagle) That being said, please do have your bird at weight for the flights.
Kestrels some years we have many kestrels fly and other years none at all. On some years, I find out later that many kestrels were there, but the falconers felt intimidated to fly them. So this year anyone who flies a kestrel in the competition will get a free kestrel lure just for flying their bird!

Exhibition Flights:
Anyone is welcome to present an exhibition flight if they have something that would be beneficial for all to see. For example in past years we have had merlins and prairie falcons that have been stooped to the lure for the enjoyment of all. You are welcome to share the practice and talents of you and your bird. (for the record, if you would like to demonstrate a coopers hawk binding to your face, we would all enjoy THAT too!) we will definitely by flying an eagle and goshawk, and will probably have some merlin flights. If you want to show off a flight feel free to volunteer. Remember this is supposed to be fun.

Bird Yard:
One of the best part of this event is the bird yard. Once the flights are over, we block and perch all the birds outside in a large roped off area. This is a great opportunity to show off your bird, and see a lot of other birds as well. In past years we have let all the small birds be perched inside. This will still be an option this year. The more birds that are their the better, so please don't be one of those guys who thinks it's cool to NOT bring your bird, and then stand around telling everyone about how cool your bird is (even though you diddn't bring it). EVERYONE loves to see birds. So let everyone benefit. This is the one event of the year that you can do this without the fear of ruining a flight, such as at the Sky Trials. Remember to bring your permits and make sure your bird yard equipment is sturdy and trustworthy.

"Beauty Contest"
Once the birds are all perched, falconers are invited to put a small numbered sign by their bird. The guests then vote on categories such as -Most likely to rip your head off, Most likely to have evolved from a dinosaur, pretty-boy award, etc. Prizes are awarded and we all have a good laugh.

The raffle covers the costs of trophies, ribbons, awards, utensils, plates, etc. PLEASE bring an item to donate to the raffle, and be willing to buy a few tickets so we can keep holding this event year after year. Tickets will be 50 cents each.

Potluck Lunch
After the flights we hold a potluck lunch. This will only work out if EVERYONE brings food. Last years potluck was a HUGE success, everyone brought great food, and we all left full. So PLEASE DO YOUR PART AND BRING SOME FOOD WITH YOU!!! We have never charged for Winterfest and we hope that we will never have to. The raffle and potluck are what make that possible.
If you have any questions or have a way that you would like to help, please contact me Ben Woodruff at Skymasterswildlife@hotmail.com
I am rarely ever home, so e-mail is better that calling.
Hope to see you there!!!!!