View Full Version : Bartering Board Rules

Chris L.
05-20-2009, 08:46 PM
Ok here it is, NAFEX's Bartering Board.

Here are a few rules of the Bartering Board

~Please Add "Barter" in front of your item in the subject line
~ You must be willing to trade merchandise. Posts for items that are for sale only will be removed.
~ List in your post what you are willing to barter for and what you may need. It does not have to be falconry related. It can also be a service
~ Posts made on the barter board will be reviewed by moderators at random. If your post is found to be containing inappropriate material, or is not in compliance with the bartering board guidelines you will be contacted. All inappropriate posts are subject to immediate deletion if not corrected.
~ Posts may only be “bumped” back to the top of the forum once a week.
~ Please leave Feed back if you have had great dealing with a person in the "Barter Board Transaction Feedback" thread

more to come as this evolves.

I hope you all enjoy this, I think this is a great way to expand our community.