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Kenn Filkins
08-07-2009, 09:42 AM
New, hand-made durable, long-lasting hawk/falcon Giant Hood travel box:

For Barter/Sale.... $120 plus $30 shipping... Total: $150.

We will custom build your box and your full-color, box decal. The door can be made to swing either to the right or left. Your choice!


Above, female Harris Hawk in box....



This light-weight but strong, design is the easiest Giant Hood to clean. It has a FULL opening door on the front to allow for washing it clean with a garden hose. The FULL opening front also allows for easier access for the raptor.

Paper clips on the top back wall allow you to hang newspaper to catch the mutes. You'll love the convenience of easy cleaning the box.

NOTE: We will create a falconry decal for your box. It will be created from your pics, birds, or whatever you wish. It will be full color and quality for a vehicle decal. It will last for years....


Size for Redtail hawk, Harris Hawk, smaller hawks or any sized falcon. Size is 24 inches tall, 24 inches deep and 12 inches wide.

This 10mm Coroplast Giant Hood is light (8-pounds), strong enough for my dogs to stand on, and can be hosed out when it comes time to clean the box. The ease of sanitation alone is reason enough to buy our Giant Hoods.4mm Coroplast supplies reinforcement on the corners and give a waterproof seal to the sides, top and back. A PVC perch, covered with long-leaf Astro Turf creates the ideal raptor perch with plenty of head and tail room, space to lift its tail to slice without touching the back of the box, and fit a sheet of newspaper to catch the slices. We drill 15 1/4" holes on the top and bottom of each side of the box for ventilation.
The door is held with brass cabinet hinges and stainless steel screws. We use a 1/4" bungee cord wrapped through the PVC perch and fastened with a handy snap as a fail-safe against unwanted door opening. A door pull is the metal ring at the end of the bungee card and attached to the door with a specialized adapter.

This 10mm Coroplast is white, which is perfect for keeping the box cool for the comfort and safety of the hawk or falcon.

Will ship UPS Ground to anywhere in the lower 48 USA. Anywhere else should email us for pricing.

PM me if you have an interesting Barter.... Also, if you're from Michigan (or other nearby state) we can drop the shipping and exchange at a Hawking Meet. Or, maybe at the NAFA Meet.

PS: We also make eagle-sized boxes... with added cost for more materials. And, we make a smaller box for Coops and kestrels for LESS....