View Full Version : Lost in Alabama

11-07-2009, 07:46 PM
Making the post for a GA Gamehawking Member...

My boyfriend's red-tailed hawk manage to rip a whole in the shadecloth on her
mews & got out a couple of days go. She's a large female with anklets & mews
jesses on. She also had a bell on one of her ankles but no band because she had
ripped it off & we were waiting to get the replacement band in the mail. We live
in Ashford, AL so I guess she can be anywhere around this area (I have no idea
how far she would go). We trapped her about a block from our house & this is the
area she had been in so we're hoping to get her back but it's been 2 days & we
haven't seen her.

If someone sees a bird matching this description please call Joe at 334-798-0229
and if you can repost this on other forums that would be awesome.