View Full Version : California Hawking Club - Call for Sponsors

02-13-2010, 10:53 AM
Fellow Falconers,

Thank you for supporting Falconry and the California Hawking Club.

My name is Dan McClurg, I am the new Northern Apprentice coordinator.

We are at a cross roads in modern falconry in California, new regulations are in progress and many new people are interested in taking up the activity.

The continuation of falconry depends on new falconers entering the sport. As a club, we need do what we can to support newcomers interested in falconry, that is why I am putting out the call to those willing to be sponsors.

If you are a licensed falconer of general class or above in California and are interested in taking an apprentice, please contact me with your name and info.
If you are unable to take on an apprentice but would like to help, we are looking for those who would be interested in working with or talking to preapprentices. If this interests you, please send me your contact info.

If you reply by email be sure to specify which you are willing to do.

Thank You
Dan McClurg
707 495 8645