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08-30-2010, 05:36 PM
Posted for a CHC member.

August 30 2010

Lost Bird: Immature Tiercel Peregrine
Last seen approx 1 mile west of C470 on 56th
Frequency:216.058 (on a RB-4 Falconer receiver this is approximately medium 5.0)
Please contact Russel Rickard in Denver at 303-518-4688

Thanks for your help

08-30-2010, 11:30 PM
Make sure you notify your local HAM shortwave radio club. They hold drills called 'Fox Hunts' where they look for radio frequencies for search and rescue work. I used a local HAM radio club to look for my lost HH in Louisiana. He did not get found, but the extra receivers and ears in the area are helpful and re-assuring. I was just beside a local HAM operators at a show. They told me to make sure to let falconers know about this service that is available to help find lost birds.

08-31-2010, 07:11 PM
Posted on behalf.....

Update Status on Lost Bird

Transmitter was found hanging from a strand on a low fence about a quarter mile north of 56th Avenue, just off of Pena Blvd...no sign of bird

Laura and Kurt: "I am not Worthy"...thanks for all your time and efforts yesterday and the telemetry lessons...some people say knowledge is power, but i would rather suggest that it is applied knowledge that is power...from what i saw yesterday afternoon, you two have no worries. Thanks again.

Rob, Anne, Deanna: I don"t know you all very well yet, but you responded and offered help like we annually sit down and eat Thanksgiving Dinner together ...in today's world...how refreshing is that.

Justin and Wolf: You two are never absent when it comes to friendship ....

And to my brother Ray, somehow when i am on the edge of wallowing in defeat, you always make me realize rather that i have just taken a step towards victory on another day...You are the Best Bro!

Kim and I will continue to search for my bird...we still may find it.

Warm Regards,