View Full Version : Ridge Trappin' pics.

09-12-2010, 04:51 AM
did a little trapping on the 10th(opening day for us in Md) considering the weather we were having 74* NW 10-20mph winds, things were a little slow. even in the Accipiter front, we only saw 10 Sharpies. all told we saw 3 RT's, caught 2, and kept 1.

this is the little male we caught. he tip'd the scale at 29oz


here is a shot of just how small his feet were


this is actually the first bird we caught. check out the red tint to the tail. she came in at 42.5oz. her approach to the trap was typical of a RT in late October(not early Sept). meaning that she came into the trap from about a 1/4 mile out(no, i am not exaggerating) wings tucked, feet down and balls to the wall in her approach. she wanted that bait bird bad. anyway, she was kept by another fella to be flown. i look forward to seeing her on the wing and on some squirrels. judging by the looks of her feet, she has already had a few run in's with the tree rats....


i will update this thread as i do some more trapping. i will be setting off for the wilds of the Eastern Shore of Md. later this month attempting to trap myself a passage Merlin. i will be sure to take pics...

09-12-2010, 04:53 AM
sorry about the pics being so darn small....took them with my BB and i am not sure what happened.......