View Full Version : Lost Adult Fem. RT SE Portland/Lake Oswego/Milwaukie

10-14-2010, 09:37 PM
Lost female adult RT, with gear on: Orange and black jesses/leash. Last seen at Waverly Country Club, within 1/2 mile of home, 2:30pm 10/14. May cross Willamette.

Somewhat lure trained; try a red stuffed sock with a rat, quail, chick, etc. to mimic her red firehose lure.

No telemetry.

Lost her, and my balance, while tying her onto her weathering perch--even when you think you're paying attention, fellow apprentices, a bird can rip her leash right out of your hands...lesson learned.

10-16-2010, 05:38 PM
That sucks Michelle!
I sure hope you get her back. Keep looking. She may yet turn up.

10-16-2010, 09:59 PM
Yep, been looking sunup to sundown since she went missing, and have covered a lot of miles and topography...contacted a lot of resources. Post office distribution center, construction sights, police dispatch for a pretty good radius, etcetera. Even have my stepson rallying his entire middle school to keep on the alert.

Late yesterday, I saw a bird that looked exactly like mine, close to where she was last seen. I threw out a baited lure and called her to the glove, and she came at me in a dive about 60-70 yards (3/4 of the way) before peeling off. NO visible hardware on her, though. Either the homeowner whose yard I was standing in spooked her, or the fence between the golf course and myself...or maybe the crows that have been bugging her.

Watched her position until dark, hoping to try and trap her this am, but the greenskeepers at the golf course there may have bumped her from the other side of the stand of trees...apparently that fairway needed the entire course staff's attention at 7:15 this morning. Can't bag on them too hard, though; their manager drove me around the entire course Thursday afternoon looking for her, after he had a sighting of her circling the area.

Sponsor and I are convinced the bird that I called down was Freyja, unless another local falconer very recently lost a big hag RT, or it's Modoc on a PNW tour. If it is my bird, I'm glad she got her gear off--she's been observed removing a grommet with surgical skill while tethered to her perch here in the house, and she's a gear picker.