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  1. hey Tony that is really sad about the red tail. I know the feeling. my RNS x Barbary the first time that I tossed him up into the air to let him fly, well that is exactly what he did. fly. he went up about a 1000 feet and then got into it with a prairie, i have no idea how an inexperienced little guy could escape. well i chased him for the next 3 days. finally got him back. and my wife told me to sell him. so i put him up for sale but no one was willing to pay what he is worth. so i kept him. i lowered his weight by 20 grams to the low 370s and now he is fine. well at least he is behaving. ok well the gyrlin ran down one of my pigeons early this morning so he is beginning to learn what to do. ok so this other ranch must be where you keep steak, because you had "hamburger" at your elko ranch!!
  2. Hey John, I flew Corona a lot back in the day. But now it is building up. I was just down there in summer visiting mom for Christmas. My brother is in that area. Even with the building that went on over the last decade, there is still plenty of open land and plenty of small bits of pond with ducks. And it is all close to you. So. Cal is still a big place. Especially if you car breaks down. I am glad we get to reconnect.
  3. Hey Tony, well I guess you do not miss the mess here at all being on your nice big ranch. For now Corona will have to do. It is better than Anaheim and Garden Grove.
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