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  1. Shera and her Falconer got there first rabbit to day. :lol: 8-)STAY STRONG
  2. Unbelievable hunt on 3-6-2011 with SHERA, all my hunting spots had water .Only 3 slips hunted for 5 hours Shera got her first kill with her falconer,it was a VOLE :lol: . I took it away and then she got a dead starling :lol: and i got that away from her.And then she had some dead animal i do not know what it was it was unidentifiable :lol: and got that away from her. OMG then she got a dead coyote i had to fight and get her off of that :lol: unbelievable she know that i was going to get her off of that so she gave me the runaround on the coyote i fell and my hand went through the coyote and i got her and the smell was bad i called it a day :lol:Good to here from you. Hope your trip was great,good luck to you. STAY STRONG
  3. nice lookin HH i work with four of them at the centre now in england, bouta get a new one soon though lol. like sweet puppy dogs...just not in the moult haha
  4. Today i got a Harris Hawk and will work with it for the first time tomorrow :P 8-)
  5. hey! ur redtail looks a bamf. lol.
    any chance i could accompany you on a hunt?
    i swear i'd be unbelievably helpful. :P
    I'm livin in DC right now.
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